Aqua Dynamics & Aero Dynamics

Aqua Dynamics & Aero Dynamics


Aqua is one of the world’s most versatile action sports companies and is able to combine multidisciplinary technologies, offering an expansive range of skilled workmanship, with the latest manufacturing techniques with a world market share of an average of 25% in the leisure sports sector.

Manufacturing & Production

1670 employees


  • Area of Strength for the organization is “Pride”
  • Employees feel most positively about “People here are willing to put in extra effort to get the job done.”
  • “Employee willingness to put in extra effort” is the strongest performing Workplace Health Indicator.

“Being an organization set up 32 years ago, it wasn’t any game plan that got us to where we stand today, but the unique culture that we cultivate amongst our employees and humbleness alongside invaluable qualities, a pillar for our continuous success… I stand proud today leading the organization as a Great Place to Work®.”

Frank Ulmer – Managing Director