CBL Global Foods Ltd.

CBL Global Foods Ltd.


Being a subsidiary of CBL Group,CBL Global Foods started a tetra coconut milk manufacturing process using Ultra Heat Technology (UHT). Apart from our very own brand Sera, we export Coconut Milk related products to various countries across the world over 20 countries including the USA, Canada, German, England, Switzerland, Austria, New Zealand, Japan and Australia being the market leader for exporting coconut milk in Sri Lanka by contributing to the national economy through injecting foreign exchange inflows to the country.
Our globally certified state-of-the-art facility with ISO 22000, IFS, BRC, HACCP, USDA Organic, Control Union, Halal, Kosher & Fair Trade.

Manufacturing & Production

138 employees


  • Area of Strength for the organization is “Camaraderie”

  • Employees feel most positively about “You can count on people to cooperate.”

  • “Daily motivation to work” is the strongest performing Workplace Health Indicator.

“I am very much pleased but not surprised at all in winning this prestigious award for the CBL Global Foods Limited as we always have this people-driven culture with us in the inception which is based on CBL Core values leads to a high trust and high-performance culture.”

Randeewa Malalasooriya – Chief Executive Officer