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Consulting to enhance Workplace Culture.

Great Place to Work© offers organizations a range of services to support them in understanding their workplace culture and responding to requirement in working towards improvement.

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Get a deeper understanding of your survey results and obtain insights into employee perception within your organization through a variety of approaches. 

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1. Culture Coaching

A one-on-one session with a Great Place to Work© expert to explore your survey results using built-in analytical tools. Obtain a breakdown according to areas and demographics of particular interest.

2. Focus Group Discussions

Validate the quantitative findings of the survey and yield insights into the underlying root causes. Using an external party to conduct these discussions ensures honest and forthright opinions from the group, with employee confidentiality maintained throughout and detailed reports.

3. Action Planning

A workshop with the Senior Leadership and HR teams, to identify and prioritize areas for action, based on quantitative and qualitative results, and develop SMART action plans to address these areas. Interactive methodology and proprietary tools and templates are used for these exercises.

Consulting Solutions for Workplace Culture