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Best Employers Club Events

This exclusive session aimed at our Best Employers Club members featured thought provoking speaker and was followed by an evening of networking and cocktails.

Great Place to Work® For All Summit

The annual Great Place to Work® Global Conference – FOR ALL Summit featuring though leaders and Great Workplaces from around the world.

Great Manager Certification Webinar

The program has been designed to specifically help people managers deal with the challenges of managing teams in COVID times (in the current and post-COVID world). Join this webinar for the details of our People Manager Certification program that can entirely be done digitally!

Becoming a Great People Manager

The Journey! Giftwork ® Workshop is a unique program that aims to help managers understand the importance of trust, opportunities to cultivate trust and equip them with tools and techniques to enhance trust and engagement within teams. This will also enable managers to design simple action plans to strengthen workplace relationships and thereby create a great workplace environment.

Coming Soon!

Become a Great Manager