Expack Corrugated Cartons

Expack Corrugated Cartons PLC


Ex-pack Corrugated Cartons PLC, a subsidiary of Aberdeen Holdings Pvt. Ltd specializes in custom manufacture of printed corrugated cartons of the highest quality, tailor-made to an endless range of specifications. Over the years Ex-pack has established itself as the leading corrugated cartons manufacturer in Sri Lanka by providing end-to-end services whilst maintaining impeccable service quality. Apart from the traditional manufacturing of Corrugated Cartons, Ex-pack’s current customer portfolio includes a vast array of businesses ranging from FMCG, pharmaceuticals, food manufacturers, tea exporters, apparel manufacturers, fruits/vegetables exporters, bicycle manufacturers and seafood exporters.

Manufacturing & Production

266 employees


  • Area of Strength for the organization is “Pride”
  • Employees feel most positively about “I want to work here for a long time.”
  • “Long term association with the organization” is the strongest performing Workplace Health Indicator.

“The Unique culture of Expack is built on transparency, empathy and open communication, empowerment and constant motivation which speaks for itself being adjudged as one of leading corrugated carton manufacturers in Sri lanka. Building an inclusive culture empowering all is what the leadership strives for which has the made the company a “Great Place to All””

Zulficar Ghouse – Managing Director