Great Place to Work® Conference 2021

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About Great Place to Work® For All Conference

     The Great Place to Work® FOR ALL Conference is the most sought-after gathering in the space of workplace culture, with delegates comprising of CEOs, CHROs, business professionals, and key decision-makers representing over 20 industries attending the Conference.

     The Conference aims to build a community of business leaders who are committed to creating a great workplace culture, provide unmatched opportunities to learn from the best, and network with those who have successfully created great workplaces that deliver sustained business performance. It is the hub of inspiring and motivating stories from global leaders sharing their expert knowledge.

Evolution Not Revolution - of the workplace

     This years theme – As the world comes to terms with all the changes of the past year, the future of work is evolving rapidly. While the pandemic brought in multiple challenges, it also provided an unmatched opportunity for leaders and organizations to adapt, change and build workplace culture that will thrive in uncertainty. 

      Join us at The Great Place to Work® FOR ALL conference 2021 to learn from insights, case studies, and leaders who have not only survived the year of the pandemic but also pivoted their businesses and evolved their workplace culture to one that inspires employees to give their best and innovate. 

     Some of the things that have become critical for organizations includes, building resilience, enabling people managers, restructuring and rethinking the business model, and new ways to engage customers and employees in the hybrid working environment. Continuous real-time feedback is essential, and the challenge of managing employee wellness is a key priority for every organization.

      However, one thing that remains constant is TRUST. Trust remains the key driver and a non-negotiable for every leader and business. Trust is the new currency, and those who have used the crisis to deposit in their “Trust Bank” will reap dividends. Others will pay a miss-trust premium. Research shows that organizations that have been able to build High-Trust cultures are more resilient and have a competitive advantage over others to bounce back from the challenges and succeed in the new normal.

      The Great Place to Work® FOR ALL conference 2021 brings to you an opportunity to interact with leaders across the globe who have successfully built and sustained High-Trust, High-Performance cultures in their workplace.

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