InGame Esports (Gamer.LK)

InGame Esports/Gamer.LK


We are an Esports company running some of South Asia’s largest Esports events and leagues. Our expertise in the gaming & Esports space allow us to help brands & publishers connect with gamers through strategic marketing engagements. Our portfolio of Esports & gaming activities range from tournaments & leagues, 360 degree marketing campaigns and even building and running our own metaverse!

Information Technology / ITES

21 employees


  • Area of Strength for the organization is “Fairness”

  • Employees feel most positively about “People avoid politicking and backstabbing as ways to get things done.”

  • “Employee willingness to put in extra effort” is the strongest performing Workplace Health Indicator.

“We at InGame Esports & Gamer.LK have a work culture quite unlike any other. A company built by gamers, we’ve found the perfect balance between work and play; where the lines often blur in the best ways possible! We’re happy to work with Great Place to Work to maintain this fantastic work culture as we grow.”

Raveen Wijayatilake – CEO