United Tobacco

United Tobacco Processing (Pvt) Ltd


United Tobacco Processing (Pvt.) Ltd. is a BOI company that was established in Katunayake, Sri Lanka in 1987. We are part of J. Cortès Cigars, a Belgian family owned Group of Companies whose global presence spans over 80 countries worldwide. On a yearly basis our fantastic team of over 2,300 people make more than 200 million cigars and more than 1.9 billion wrapper cuts, making us the biggest in our industry. We are also ISO QMS – 9001/2015 & EMS – 14001/2015 certified company.

Manufacturing & Production 

2220 employees



  • Area of Strength for the organization is “Pride”

  • Employees feel most positively about I’m proud to tell others i work here

  • People look forward to coming to work here. is the strongest performing Workplace Health Indicator.

“We are very happy to be once again recognized as a Great Place to Work Certified company in Sri Lanka. It’s a recognition not only to the company, but also to the different teams that are constantly working in getting the internal culture right – showing the people that we care about the working conditions, their safety – and even more importantly, about the way that we work together, and the way we respect each other [in order to] get to the common result shared by everyone.”